Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"Value Yourself to Master Yourself"

Lots of thoughts today.
I cried at Target. Things have been stressful today. This month. Last month. This year.
I am still working on Elena Brower's YogaGlo classes for Self Care for Women. Great timing on that.
Recently Elena's brilliance has brought me reminders such as "value yourself to master yourself" and she taught me what substantiate means.
I have also learned I need to look at how my time is spent. Having people ask me to resend client bios and head shots, clients asking me to resend radio show details, following up on things I have asked people for numerous times... not the best use of my time. My what feels like limited time lately.
The dog in that picture above - my Hennessy... I am so grateful for her in my life. She is love, she is fun, she is smiles, she is everything in one cute package!
Another quick lesson from today - you never know the impact you might have on others. After crying at Target, my husband asks me if I want to grab a snack at Starbucks. Well there is a Starbucks inside Target and one the same shopping center; I said it didn't matter that one of the ones right where we were would be fine but he decided let's go to our usual hangout one. Well that was the perfect choice. One of the baristas who I feel makes the most magical beverage who I haven't seen in a while was working. Since she started another job she only works every once in a while so it was a rarity to see her there today... and she made my hot chocolate. She was a bright light in my day - and all she was - was awesome authentic self.
Let's all look at how to value ourselves in order to master ourselves and remember that just being ourselves we can bring brightness and blessings into the days of others... sometimes without even realizing it.

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