Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Solstice - Sun Enters Cancer

So tomorrow - June 21 - is the Summer Solstice plus the sun enters my sign of Cancer.
I have not had a day off since my wedding on April 7, 2013. I work 12 - 14 hours a day. I have passions I feel like to do not have the monetary or time means to go after. I'll be turning 45 on July 6 - and I feel worn out. Exhausted.

I decided to am going to take the season of Cancer since it is my birth sign to spend time each day focusing on what I truly want to create in my life as well as doing something FUN for me!

Tomorrow is Day 1.

I always tell my clients that clarity is the biggest piece in creating the magic they want and reaching their goals. So I need to do that for myself.

And I feel the need to get a grasp on my well being, time, tasks that have been sitting around for months (some for years... literally).

I'll chronicle it all here for fun - whether anyone reads it or not, I'll have it to look back on in the future.

PS Side Note - It was a big LA Kings Day even in the off-season:
Congratulations to Anze Kopitar for winning the Selke Trophy tonight.
Congratulations to Jonathan Quick for winning the Jennings Trophy.
Best of luck to Pierre Turgeon who resigned as Assistant Coach.
Super happy the pre-season schedule has been announced.
Home Season Opener announced - October 5 against the Sharks.
And today but several days again... he's back! Peter Budaj. Why he was traded in the first place is still beyond me... but he returns as our back up goalie and I am so happy.  But... sad to lose Andy Andreoff who was only one of the two true fighters left on the LA Kings. Now Kyle Clifford is going to have to fight everyone on his own.
Exciting - LA Kings stuff brings me much happiness! 

Monday, May 28, 2018

So Close...

Yesterday I learned that I am suuuuuper close to increasing my Young Living Essential Oil rank

I want to make that rank so I can continue building a business that inspires others to live a chemical free life and a life supporting their overall wellness.

Since I didn’t start using Young Living products to become an Independent Distributor (as I already own a company where I find myself working close to 80 hours a week),

I had no idea I was so close to the next ranking until a colleague told me on Sunday morning! And now I have less than 4 days to make this happen!

My invitation:
  • If you have been wanting to try essential oils
  • If you have been wanting to ditch the chemicals from your life and start living naturally
  • If you just love trying new stuff…
I would be excited to have you try a Young Living product.

My short success story:

I toxified my body…

I was itchy ALL the time...

I gained 40 pounds yet was working out over 2 hours a day and eating next to nothing...

I was feeling blah all the time….

Finally thanks to Bastyr University Clinic, I learned that I toxified my body with a 20-year daily prescription medication and all the typical chemical products to which we are all exposed to daily. Because of this, I went on a journey that took me close to a year to detox.

Now no more itching, back to my ideal weight, and feeling great!

One of the things I did was change all the toxic products in my home to Young Living – toothpaste, mouthwash, a diffuser, cleaners, laundry products, etc.

Now, anything that comes up in life, I ask, “What oil can I use for that?” Examples: if feeling stressed, I grab my Stress Away; if feeling an Immune System boost, I put a few drops of Thieves in a veggie cap to take with my vitamins; if my dog steps in gum on our walk, I use Lemon oil; Jim gets chocolate on his shirt, I get the Lemon oil back out. :)

My personal suggestion: Delve in and invest in the Starter Kit.

I began my journey with one.

It's one of the best investments! $160 and you get over $300 worth of products!

Details HERE.

If you just want to support me or if you are not yet ready to jump in on a Starter Kit, how about just ditching one or two chemical-laden products in your home and replace it with a Young Living one?

Dish soap, laundry detergent, all purpose cleaner, toothpaste, face soap, lotion, etc.

If you want some specific suggestions, send me a note, I’d be happy to help!

IMPORTANT: with any order you place, use my member number 3621825 and if you prefer live support, I am here to help!

THANK YOU for joining me in this journey of wellness and supporting my rise within the Young Living company!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Life Is All Energy

I have been studying energy lately. For Christmas I was gifted with E-Squared by Pam Grout, my client Dr. Dawson Church has a new book coming out with Hay House called Mind to Matter, I am booking guests for a podcast called Energy Matters, and on and on the signs are there.

I am surrounded by it. And for a reason.

In the past few years something definitely shifted but I could not put my finger on it. Things that once had one result were now having another.

I racked my brain - what am I doing wrong?

And I believe the Universe finally answered my question - energy. My energy for some reason shifted - I allowed life events to bring me to a place of negativity, attachment, loss of faith.

So I share this in case this is just the message you reading this might need too. And as I play and learn more I'll continue to share on this subject so we can all shift our energy for the good of our own lives and that of the world.

In the photo above an interesting sample of Mother Nature's energy - that flower in our yard blooms once a year every April and only lasts about a week. Wild - every year like clockwork there it is!

Monday, April 16, 2018

We Want The Cup!!!!

It is the name of this blog (or at least part of it):
We want the cup...
So... have to address - it is Stanley Cup Playoff Time!!!!!!!!!!
The LA Kings are playing the Vegas Golden Knights.
And we are down 3 - 0 in the series.
Tomorrow! WE MUST WIN!!!!
You hear during the season "this is a do or die game"... oh no, TOMORROW is "a do or die game".
I think it was Bailey (the mascot of the LA Kings) who started the "Believe" mantra. It keeps all of us fans in the positive state of mind and energy for the team.
Just for the playoffs this year I invested in Young Living's Believe blend essential oil. I will be wearing and diffusing it tomorrow for Game 4 (along with wearing my Kings gear, of course).
Go Kings Go!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

When One Door Closes....

Another opens?
How long does it take?
Do you knock? Ring a door bell?

After 17 years of a lot of chaos and toxicity, I ended a business relationship.
It took courage.
At the beginning of this year I read a quote posted by Angel Quintana that said "Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes".
Nothing was changing in this situation.
I'd bring things up.
Nothing would change.
I remained loyal putting up with so much for so long.
And finally I had enough....

And to top things off, me being me wanted to provide this person with plenty of notice and therefore said let's carry on until the end of April. We'll she decided March was going to be the end (can we say - control issues?)
So, end of March it was.
I lined up new projects to start May 1 honoring my word to her.

And now I am left with free time I wasn't expecting...
Trying to fill it as quickly as possible so I can pay this month's bills.

Can you see why I let this situation go?

Trusting the universe.


And playing with Hennessy's new toy that says "laugh" - laughter helps. Hennessy helps!

Happy Spring!


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tip-a-King 2018

One of my favorite days of the year! Tip-a-King! Tip-A-King is LA Kings Care Foundation's largest annual fundraising event where us fans get to "tip" players for photos and autographs.

This year my goal was pictures with Drew Doughty and Jonathan Quick. I met Drew at Meet the Players a couple of years ago but was so tongue tied I said pretty much nothing to him and no photos were permitted at that particular event.

This year however... met, chatted, and got my picture taken with both Drew and Jonathan. Chatted with Drew about his dogs. He was super nice and friendly.

And Jonathan Quick - also amazing; even after a game loss he asks my name, how I am doing, etc. He is goalie extraordinaire!
I also met Jack Campbell, Adrian Kempe, Kyle Clifford (again... he is one of my favorites), Nate Thompson, Paul LaDue, Alex Iafallo, and.... BOB MILLER! I had met Bob before but never got a picture with him. A legend! And such a darling man!
Til next year! Great memories for a great cause!
Thank you, LA Kings!!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A New Book Review!

I don't talk about my OCD a lot, if ever. Unless you are my husband or an immediate family member you may not even know I have it. You may just think I am "quirky".

I honestly didn't even know I had OCD until 2007 when I was gifted with some synchronicity. I was home working one afternoon; I felt the house was super quiet; my new puppy was even sleeping so I decided to pop on the TV to a show called "The View from the Bay". Like I said, I was working so I was only half listening to the show. Then... this guy was talking about stuff I do. Stuff I had never told anyone about. I was shocked. I stopped everything - watched the show in shock as author Jeff Bell shared his story so openly. As soon as the interview was complete I got on and had his book "Rewind Replay Repeat" overnighted to me. And as soon as it arrived I read it cover to cover twice. I even emailed the author.

Long story short - that interview with Jeff changed my life. That book changed my life.

And since then aside from Jeff's second book When in Doubt Make Belief, I haven't found another OCD book that I felt truly gets how my brain works.

'Cause although it has now been 11 years since I was originally diagnosed, I still have challenging days (although NOTHING nearly as horrible as what I went through prior to 2007).

Jump ahead to the present day - Jeff Bell and Shala Nicely have a wonderful FREE subscription service called KeyWords: Daily Motivation to Thrive with OCD where everyday I receive some inspiration from two people who get ME! (You can subscribe at:

Since subscribing to those daily emails, I have come to know Shala's work and was gifted with a copy of a book she wrote with Jon Hershfield called Everyday Mindfulness for OCD: Tips, Tricks, and Skills for Living Joyfully.

What a brilliant book! For anyone with OCD who has had someone say to you in trying to be helpful things like: "you should meditate", "try exercising", "give yourself a break; take a vacation", "try therapy", etc without understanding what exactly goes through your mind when you have OCD... this book is for you! Jon and Shala get it! They have their own stories. When they address things like meditation, exercise, self compassion and other ideas like playing games they are coming from a place of understanding so they break it down for you from an OCD mind with easy manageable steps and stories you can relate to. And I am going to be honest some of the stories, I said out loud - "why would you do that"? But I know that is my OCD talking wanting to go into the story and tell the person you have to go back and check that. However the fact that I can even catch myself doing that shows that the exercises in the book were working and I was becoming more mindful of my OCD. What I have found so far is the book has helped me be more conscious of my actions; keeping me one step ahead of the OCD. It is also a wonderfully sized book that isn't overwhelming. You can read it at your pace and perhaps try something new with each read. I highly recommend it! I am grateful to have found it! If you are interested in the book:

And if you'd like to check out Jeff Bell's books:

And I hope like with that episode of The View from the Bay that magically found me one day that this blog post will find those that will benefit.