Friday, September 8, 2017

Times Are Changing...

As a Cancer Sun Sign... I don't do well with changes.
One of my long time Full Management Speaker/Author clients has decided to “semi retire” so he has decided to cut his hours due to less work he’ll be accepting from now on.
Therefore, I have an opening for a full management client starting October 1. I am VERY picky about these rare openings as it really does have to be a good match for optimal success. Also due to the fact that full management work takes more time than I am compensated for (due to my own insane diligence and work ethic) I need to start working more intelligently with my time as it is beginning to affect many areas of my life negatively.
For that reason, some of this time I have becoming available will also be spent on increased consulting clients and teaching more essential oils classes. 
I am staying positive that I can make this work. 
I can start to improve the areas of my life that need improvement. 
Start living that OolaLife.
The fog from the above photo will lift.
If any of you know a speaker, author, entrepreneur, athlete, or other public figure / celebrity who could use my management and / or preferably consulting services I would greatly APPRECIATE the referral. Also if anyone is interested in hosting an essential oils class, I would LOVE to teach more and more classes. I can teach 101 basic oil classes (like the one I did this past Saturday), classes about oils for pets, oils for babies / children, using oils for a toxic free home, and much more! These classes do not have to be done in person; if we live in different locations, let’s schedule a fun virtual one!
Thank you so much for reading my blog! THANK YOU so much for your love and support!
Website for more info! 

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