Friday, June 30, 2017

A Half Hour in My Day

Today it was beautiful in the Lemon - low 70s; I was jazzed to take a nice work break to walk with my pooch.
The walk started out with two dead birds in our path that looked like they'd been attacked by something...
We walk around them.
And then continuing our walk a pit bull gets out of his/her gate and flies toward us. I put myself in it's path. If it is going to attack, I would rather me be attacked than Hennessy. And note here please, I am NOT breed prejudice, but the fact is this particular dog is a pit bull. He/She does get out of the yard often - today the gate was left open so it was an easy escape. I fall to the ground. The dog growls at Hennessy and me. I tell the dog sternly to stay. A guy in a car across the street yells to the dog in an even sterner manner. The dog continues to growl but listens to the guy. Hennessy and I continue to walk down the road. I brush the dirt off myself, check Hennessy, and yell 'thank you' to the guy in the car.
Again... continuing our walk.
Then a woman starts jabbering to me. I politely tell her I am on my peaceful walk time with my dog and do not care to talk with her. She continues to jabber. I more sternly ask her to leave me alone. She the starts yelling at me that the pavement is too hot for Hennessy's feet. Are you kidding me? It is barely 70 degrees. She crosses the street coming towards us yelling at me. As Hennessy and I hustle up the road she gets in her truck and drives after me - continuing to yell at me out her window following us. I wish I got her license plate number. I would have called the authorities about her insanity and harassment. And don't even get me started on the fact that someone obviously this mentally unbalanced is behind the wheel of a car!
And then to top off the half hour walk that was supposed to be fun and relaxing.....
I get to the park where I see a car right in front of the dogs must be on leash and no smoking signs. The guy in the car lets his little white dog fly out of the car with no leash on. It trots on over to the park. He yells after it to wait for him. And then as he gets out of his car as he lights up a cigarette. Wow! Not only is his dog off leash; he is smoking in the park - two citations!!!!
Again - Wow!
This is the town I live in??
VERY scary half hour of my day.
And very sad.
All the Lemon may have going for it right now is that it did have the best climate on earth - at least today...

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