Sunday, July 2, 2017

Birthday Week - Day 2 of 7

Today's plan was to go to the beach, but due to unforeseen plumbing issues... didn't get to go. So my fun thing for day 2 of birthday week ended up being a trip to Victoria's Secret tonight. The first one I went to - which is my preferred location since VS and Pink are the in the same store so I can shop both brands in the same place - closed at 6 pm (mere minutes after my arrival) so we went to another mall not too far away. I went to the Victoria's Secret Pink brand store there. I arrived to this one a half hour before they closed. I used 3 (yes, THREE) gift cards I had on some new clothes AND received my annual free cooler! Now that is pretty fun!
Topped off the evening with Chipotle (free thanks to my hubby) and a hot chocolate from Starbucks.

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