Friday, July 21, 2017

Oola for Women - Day 9 - 21 Day Challenge

Today's #OolaforWomen Challenge is to decide how long you will carry the guilt from your past into your future. 
This is a tough one for me as I have OCD and tend to have feelings of excessive responsibility to others. I have felt guilty over things I have had nothing to do with, over people I have never even met, and over things other people haven't given even a second thought to. And although I logically know all that, in most cases sometimes even after the numerous years and work I have done, the OCD thoughts still creep in.
So this is a great challenge for me. 
And unlike the graphic sent in the "Day 9" email (see above), "Never let your guilt hold you back from growth." - I know I have done that many many times. Thank you, OolaGuys, for having me take a closer and deeper look at this today.

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