Sunday, July 30, 2017

Oola for Women - Day 18 - 21 Day Challenge

Today’s #OolaforWomen Challenge is to schedule and commit to doing two small acts of balance in the next couple days.
But do you want to know how yesterday's challenge went first?
I sucked at it! Less than 5 minutes after reading yesterday's challenge and posting here about it I couldn't find my client's United Mileage Plus number then I got lost going to pick my husband up from his speaking engagement. Complaints, complaints, complaints flew out of my mouth.
Ok - it is obviously that is something I need to work on.
And for today, I am actually working on the Oola For Women book so already scheduling and committing to THREE small acts of balance per day! I have been doing that for a week now and it is going well.
Happy Sunday! (side note today's picture is brought to you by San Diego - that was the view from the baby shower we attended yesterday! nice - nothing to complain about there). :)

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