Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oola for Women - Day 14 - 21 Day Challenge

Today’s #OolaforWomen Challenge is to finish something that you started.
For me I typically do not rest until I have finished what I have started even if it interferes with other things. 
However, what came to mind here is the back room of our house which doubles as my office. It needs cleaning up. I have started cleaning it, only to have it get cluttered again - it feels like such a monstrous task at this point to "finish it" - and will it ever really be finished is how I feel about it. So with today's challenge, unfortunately I do not have the hours in the day to "finish" it; I AM however going to commit to spending 10 minutes a day cleaning it up for the next two weeks and at the end of two weeks (August 9), I bet it'll be done! I'll check back in with you all on that day with an update (and maybe a picture). 

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