Thursday, July 13, 2017

Oola for Women - Day 1 - 21 Day Challenge

Earlier this week as I am doing yoga via YogaGlo with Elena Brower she has us affirm "In the light of my own acceptance". And then today I sign up for the #OolaforWomen 21 Day Challenge and they had me come up with 7 things I love most about myself (while running or walking, by the way...).
Well in the 7 minutes we were given to come up with those 7 things, here is what I got (and let me tell you - this wasn't an easy task for me):
1. open minded
2. conscientious
3. good memory
4. strong upper body strength
5. caring
6. my shoe size
7. my make up skills

That was challenging. And do I 100% believe those? Honestly I am not so sure, but I think one of the purposes of the exercise was not to overthink and allow negativity to creep in so I am gonna own those 7.
Thank you, Elena and the Oola Guys!

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