Thursday, July 27, 2017

Oola for Women - Day 15 - 21 Day Challenge

Today's #OolaforWomen Challenge is to acknowledge your high and low from today and find gratitude in both.
The first OolaAccelerator is Gratitude which is what today's challenge is all about. I first learned about incorporating a gratitude practice in my life when I signed up for Kim Coles' GPS (Gratitude Passion Success) program in 2015. And since then feel I have been really good (not perfect) about this. It is all about acknowledging gratitude for everything. For example.... there are the obvious things to have gratitude for like the breakfast we ate this morning or the beautiful sunny day. But the challenge is really in finding gratitude in the not so fun stuff. And sometimes it is more readily obvious and sometimes it takes time to show itself. For example - when losing one client; you could then sign an amazing on. Show gratitude for the time you did spend with the client who has moved on AND for the new one that just showed up. 
It is only 12:03 pm as I write this. My high from today so far was the delicious hot chocolate Josiah at Starbucks made me for. I am soooo grateful for that (and that he was the first to find out the secret way of making them from May). And the low was not being able to find the topic I submitted for a client who was accepted to speak on a cruise. I find gratitude in that by being thankful that now it may open up for her the opportunity to present something that might be even better than what I had in mind originally. And I am grateful for the lesson of how with technology sometimes you have to save things to more than one place in case one disappears.
Wishing everyone a truly Thankful Thursday! 

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