Saturday, July 22, 2017

Oola for Women - Day 10 - 21 Day Challenge

Today's #OolaforWomen Challenge is to acknowledge where anger arises and what you can learn from it.
I find most of the anger in my day is surrounding my work. It is the reason why in my business I am trying to do less of the full management and more with my consulting / training as well as essential oils.
In my day I feel like I deal with so many people flaking, not replying to requests in a timely manner, not listening to their manager (me) only later to tell me I was right, chasing down details for events and media down to the wire because people seem to wait til the last second.... and I can go on and on and on... see - ANGER! 
So - I am acknowledging where anger arises today; and what I can learn from it I feel is to let it go. Perhaps people need to reap their own repercussions from actions and I do not always have to be the one running around to make everyone happy; make sure all is in order; etc And honestly I cringe even typing that because letting it go can mean my reputation too but this is definitely an oolablocker I am experiencing big time.
Onward to go work on this....
Happy Saturday!

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